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Solomon's Stars...

Is the resurrected drama club. The club has a different name because the students wanted it to stand out for them and future students. Carleigh E. Muller was the student who suggested the name that the faculty voted on as our name. Andita Parker Lloyd is the advisor/director. Scott Walter is the stage crew adivsor/manager.
Students who want to participate in activities through Solomon's Stars need to sign up on Google Classroom using their school username and the class code: oqrr4ob. 
The club has two components:
Funshops which are learning techniques for theater and activities to boost self-confidence.
This community of creative individuals is where ANY student is encouraged to explore their creative side in a variety of forms. We will have Funshops weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9th period. The same Funshop activity will be on each day to accommodate enough students. Funshops are not mandatory for those interested in being in a production but strongly encouraged. Again, even those students who do not want to be in a production can participate in these activities. 
Performances which will be plays and other works selected by the advisors with student input where possible. The goal is to perform in a variety of ways throughout the school year. Suggestions are always welcome and encouraged. Send them to solomonsstars@gmail.com.
This community of thespians (actors)  is where students are encouraged to explore their acting techniques in a variety of ways and  for a variety of ages. The students who are interested in being a part of the cast or crew can expect rehearsals and meetings in the afternoon to evening times. There will be auditions for the major performance here in Solomon's cafeteria in the spring. 
NOTE: Students who enjoy poetry and want to try their hand at reciting poetry are encouraged to participate. 

Our inaugural  two productions went well June 2018. The shows were  and The Enchanted BookshopPrincess Who?

We want to thank our sponsors, parents, family, and supporters! 

Solomon's Star's Calendar and Events