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2018 Show Information

Join the Solomon’s Stars for their Inagural Shows

Two Plays for the Price of One!

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The Enchanted Bookshop

 During the day, A Likely Story may look like any other used bookstore. But at night, it’s a place where magic happens. That’s when the characters inside the books come alive. This charming comedy celebrates the joy of reading in a fresh, fun-filled way.


Princess Who?

A fun-filled fairy-tale mystery adventure and everyone’s favorite fairy-tale characters are involved! When a girl wakes up in the forest, she has no memory of her past. She can’t even remember her name! As she wanders through the Misty Forest to find her home she encounters many characters, who help her remember her true identity.

Friday, June 1st at 7 pm;

Saturday, June 2nd at 3 pm;

and Saturday, June 2nd at 7 pm

These shows are fun for All ages!

Don't miss out on these two hours of fun!