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39th Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
On June 1st, seventeen inductees and nine graduating members were honored at the 39th induction ceremony of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Alfonso M. Gil chapter at Elmer L. Meyers High School.  This Spanish Honor Society chapter was created in 1979 by Mr. George Goode and Mrs. Maryann Murphy.  Its current advisors are Susan LaCoe and Tamara Pegarella.  Ms. Erica Acosta, Assistant Director of Diversity at Wilkes University, was the guest speaker for the event.  A reception followed the induction ceremony. 

Front Row: Mely Lamboy-Torres, Eileen Cruz, Lydia McFarlane, Arly Aguilar, Ashly Gutierrez, Asucena Vergara
Second Row:  Izabell Hearst, Daphnee Zitzman, Stephanie Hinz, Taiquan Dobson, George Dulis, Nancy Andrade, Jasmine Andrade
Third Row:  Marielylis Polanco, Staicy Medina Garcia, Emily Arroyo Mejia, Joseph Polanowski, Dante Gross, Abril Castillo, Helen Pineda-Gonzalez
Fourth Row:  Jacob Thomas, German Torres, Selena Soto, Alexander Sliker, Blake Bynon, Andrew Sage, Cristian Lopez