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Benkoski Wins First Place in State F.B.L.A. Competition
Picture of Cody Benkoski

James M. Coughlin High School is proud to announce Cody Benkoski as the Pennsylvania State Champion in the Computer Problem Solving FBLA test.

FBLA is one of the largest student run career and technical organizations in the United States, with over 250,000 members. Competitive events range from topics such as insurance and risk management to cyber security.

The Coughlin High School chapter of FBLA is advised by Mr. Day, the Annex accounting teacher, and the Mackin computer applications teacher. Mr. Day assumed his position as FBLA adviser three years ago, and each year has seen people from Coughlin place in the top ten in the state in a variety of events.

The road to first place was frought with challenges. While preparing to take his test, Cody ran into a dress code malfunction regarding his shoes. This situation was quickly remedied by his advisor, Mr. Day, who offered his shoes to the cause. With a new pair of shoes secured, Cody completed the test and managed to secure a first place win for Coughlin.

Cody is the son of Bryan and Deborah Benkoski, Wilkes-Barre.