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Know the symptoms of COVID-19; Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath; Spreads through close contact; Take everyday precautions: Wash your hands, don't touch face, avoid sick people. Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health at

Coronavirus Updates (COVID-19)

During this time, we can all understand how difficult it is to be a parent, student, community member and/or educator. Inevitably, there will be rumors and possibly inaccurate information within the community and on social media.  
The District is receiving updated information from the Pennsylvania Department of Education who is collaborating with the Department of Health, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, county municipal health departments and others to ensure the most current and accurate information and resources are available for our school district.

Utilize this webpage as your source for timely and accurate district Information. We will make resources available and information will be updated through this page. In addition, the Skylert Messaging system, as well as local media outlets will be utilized as necessary.
We will be in direct contact with parents, students, and district employees with timely and accurate information when it becomes available. 
Update January 2, 2022
With the current Variant (Omicron) of COVID-19, I wanted to remind everyone how important it will be to continue to practice all of our current mitigation strategies (masking, social distancing, self-symptom checks…) and to provide you with some changes/updates that will be effective beginning Monday, January 3rd, 2022.
Masking Policy:
We will continue to wear masks as we have since the beginning of the school year.  We know this mitigation strategy has helped keep our buildings open and has limited the number of students we need to quarantine due to possible exposures.   
Persons who test positive for COVID-19

Persons who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate for 5 days.  (This is a change from the previous guidance of 10 days)

If after 5 days, the patient is asymptomatic or has resolving symptoms, their isolation period is over; however, they should still wear a mask around others until day 10.
Persons who have been identified as a close contact with COVID-19 and have received a booster or are within 6 months of receiving their vaccine series.  
Persons who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 and have received a booster vaccine or are within 6 months of receiving their primary vaccine series should wear a mask around others for 10 days, but do not need to quarantine.
Persons who are unvaccinated or who have not received a booster
Persons who are unvaccinated or who are eligible (i.e., more than 6 months after primary vaccine series) but have not yet received a booster vaccine must quarantine at home for 5 days, and then wear a mask around others until Day 10.
All exposed persons regardless of vaccination status should test on Day 5 if possible.
Again, as we begin resuming in person instruction on Monday, it will be imperative that we continue to wear appropriate face coverings, maintain social distance, and follow all district guidelines.  
Thank you for your cooperation, flexibility and understanding throughout these times.  
 Brian Costello