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Superintendent's Update - October 8, 2021

Good Morning,

Before I jump into the main topic of this week’s Blog, I wanted to let everyone know that we will be introducing some video segments to these weekly updates that will take you behind the scenes of our school district within the coming weeks…Ever wonder, “What it takes to prepare all of those student lunches?” or  “What it is like riding one of our buses?” we got you covered! Stay Tuned…

I had the pleasure of attending a few teachers’ classes last week.  I just have to say it really reinforces our District’s belief that Teachers Matter.  

It was an algebraic equation being projected on an interactive board followed by a question posed by the teacher.  Many of the students had their hands up with the answer and a few students were sitting quietly in their seats,  perhaps a little bit perplexed.  

Before the teacher selected a student for a response, the teacher asked the question again… And then it happened, one of the students sitting quietly, raised their hand and explained in front of the class their confusion with the question being asked.

You see, it takes a special type of teacher to be able to build the confidence of a student to have the courage to raise their hand and explain in front of the class what they were unsure of…The teacher started explaining the problem a little differently and related it to a real world experience (lol that even I could understand) and although we had masks on it was clear as day from the student's eyes that they had just reached an Ah-Hah moment and proceeded to give the correct answer.

I share this story with you because our teachers have this ability, they work endlessly throughout the day to try to achieve those Ah-Hah moments with every student.  Our teachers not only thrive to increase academic outcomes, but they also teach soft skills, such as collaboration and leadership.  They recognize the importance of developing social and emotional skills -  All of these traits help create a successful student both in and outside of the classroom.

I write this today to let you know as a parent, we are putting 110% percent into everything we do to create success for your child.  
We all understand that there are several factors that contribute to a student’s overall academic success, but I have no doubt that the most influential factor of all is that Teachers Matter the most!  

Enjoy the long weekend!


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