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Solomon Students Become Published Authors

Solomon Middle School Students

     The students in Mrs. Pascale’s 6th grade English and reading classes at Solomon Plains Middle School had the opportunity to become published authors this year.  Each student contributed a written page and an illustration to match.  The books that each class wrote will be entered into a national contest.  They are keeping their fingers crossed that they become winners.  
     Each class worked collaboratively to come up with a topic or theme for their story.  6-1 chose to investigate different countries and tell about what it would be like to visit each country.  They chose countries ranging from France, to the Philippines, to Afghanistan.  After researching their country they wrote a story encouraging their readers to visit their country.  Their book was called, “Hello from our Countries.”  6-2 created a continuous story line.  Their book was called, “Princess Lilly and her Mystical Friends.”  Princess Lilly was bored of living in the castle, so one day she escaped and went throughout her kingdom searching for mystical creatures to visit.  One student wrote Princess Lilly’s story and then all the other students wrote about their encounter with Princess Lilly as a mystical.  There were unicorns, leprechauns, and fairies.  
     Throughout the process, the students learned about the rough drafts, editing, working within story length constraints, sketching, color blending and collaboration.  This was an interesting process that the students enjoyed.   Hopefully we will have national winners

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