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Spring Keystones
Information for Parents or Guardians

It is Keystone Exam Time! This year we will be operating on a 3 hour delay schedule for all students who are not taking the Keystone Test. Students who are taking the test will come in at their regular time. Transportation will be provided for ALL students. PARENTS, make sure your child is well-rested and eats a good breakfast. Breakfast will also be provided here at school. DO YOUR BEST! Remember, passing of the Keystone Exam is a graduation requirement.

Keystone Exam Schedule
Biology         May 14 and 15   
Literature      May 16 and 17
Algebra         May  20 and 21

***There will be a 3 hour delay schedule on these dates. Students who are taking the exam will take their regular bus and/or report to school at the regular time. Be Early. Testing will start at 9AM*** 

***Students who are not taking the exam will catch their bus 3 hours later than on a regular day.***
Attachments Available To Download:
Daily Time Schedule for Keystone Testing