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Items Prohibited from the New Wolfpack Stadium
Please adhere to the guidelines for, and prohibited items from, our new stadium for the safety and security of everyone, as well the enjoyment of our entire community at events!

Wolfpack Stadium Prohibited Items:
  1. No drugs, tobacco or alcohol
  2. No weapons, gun, knives of any kind, or pepper spray
  3. No bottled beverages
  4. No back packs
  5. No overnight bags, oversized purses, or anything similar to a backpack
  6. No skate boards or bikes
  7. No toys, footballs, basketballs, etc.
  8. No noise makers such as horns, whistles, etc.
  9. No banners
  10. No travel music, speakers, radios or amps
  11. No pop up tents in bleachers or concourse (other than approved booster sales)
  12. No pets