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Mr. Sickle
Welcome to a look inside Mr. Sickle's classroom! Mr. Sickle is a fifth-grade teacher at Heights-Murray Elementary School -- the same school he attended as a student. He is entering his 12th year teaching fifth grade, currently teaching two sections of math, two sections of science, and one section of social studies. Mr. Sickle has taught science for all 12 years, math for eight, and social studies for six.
Mr. Sickle is a graduate of G.A.R. Memorial High School  and Wilkes University. He has a degree in Psychology and a certificate in Elementary Education from his undergraduate work and a Master's degree in Elementary Development and Strategies. Mr. Sickle is also two classes from finishing his Instructional Media degree from Wilkes, as well.
Mr. Sickle enjoys helping students become enthusiastic about their schoolwork - especially math and science. Although Time and Place is a big part of Mr. Sickle's classroom environment, he makes sure to provide plenty of enjoyable learning experiences.
Take a look around the page and see a little slice of a day in the life of a student in Mr. Sickle's classroom -- have a great day! 

Wilkes University's ED 350 Comes to Heights-Murray

Dr. Diane Polachek and her ED 350 Art in Elementary Education course came to Heights-Murray on Monday, October 24 to present their hands-on projects using recyclable materials. The 12 students in the course worked with Ms. Semanski's and Mr. Sickle's classes to teach our students a new artistic skill.
Please enjoy the photo gallery below! 
Classroom Aquariums
Heights Aquariums
Aquariums have always been a part of Mr. Sickle's classroom, but over the last few years, what was once just a point of interest has become a part of the daily lives of students.
A second classroom tank was added in the Fall of 2013, but this one was more of a challenge. A 28-gallon saltwater tank was added near Mr. Sickle's desk and has been captivating students and visitors ever since.
Through DonorsChoose.org, we were able to receive donations for our 180-gallon saltwater tank for all to enjoy in the front lobby. The same site also enabled us to start up a 90-gallon saltwater tank downstairs for the younger students to enjoy, as well.
In November of 2013, theclass began participating in PA Trout in the Classroom program in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited and the Pennsylvania State Fish and Game Commission. Students monitor the life cycle of Pennsylvania brook trout from egg to fingerlings before releasing them into nature in May. The class feeds the trout, monitors for illness and death, and helps to test the water quality to help maintain a healthy environment for this cold water species.
Two new tanks were added during the 2014 school year. with a second warm, freshwater tank and a 55-gallon saltwater tank. The freshwater tank is home to numerous gouramis, while the saltwater tank is currently home to seven different species of saltwater fish, a blood red fire shrimp, and numerous snails and crabs that help to keep the tank clean.
Whether it is changing or testing the water in the saltwater tanks on a weekly basis, feeding the brook trout, or just simply appreciating the aesthetic value of our own slice of nature here in the classroom, the students in Mr. Sickle's class (and visitors alike) really enjoy these additions to the classroom that make the day anything but boring!