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WBASD Federal Programs June Title I Newsletter
Click on the article title above to access this month's Title I Newsletter with helpful tips for students and families.
wifi logo Family Broadband / Internet Survey
Without Internet access and connected devices, many students in our communities lack the ability to participate in remote learning and complete homework after the school day has ended. In an effort to identify these gaps, the PA Association of Intermediate Units (PAIU) and Penn State Extension have teamed up to conduct a short survey. The data collected will greatly assist our schools with obtaining local, state and federal broadband funding to provide additional resources to our students and families. Thank you in advance for your time in taking this survey!
Important Information Concerning Chromebook Collection
School District Chromebooks will be collected the following dates and times:
Wednesday, June 9 from 8am to 7pm
Thursday,  June 10 from 8am to 3;30pm
Friday, June 11 from 8am to 10:30am
Parents must accompany their students to return Chromebooks.
Chromebooks must be returned with the power supply and fully charged.
All devices must be wiped down and clean prior to returning.
FAILURE TO RETURN the device or remit payment for lost or damaged property will result in graduation diplomas held, final report cards held, and/or delayed records being sent to new schools.  Al monies due must be submitted by Friday June 30, 2021.  If you are unable to drop off during these scheduled times-please contact the main office.
 Mr. Tony Khalife, principal, Isabel Sikora, Maria Mattei and Janaisa Carrasco. Solomon Plains Jr.High names Frank Mattei Essay Award Winners
Each year, the Frank Mattei Award is given to two students, one in 7th grade and one in 8th grade, in honor of Mr. Mattie, a Korean War Veteran.  The two students wrote an essay about why it is important to celebrate Memorial Day.  Mr. Mattei's daughter, Marie, was in attendance to present the certificates along with a $100.00 award for each student.  The winners are Isabel Sikora on 7th grade and Janaisa Carrasco in 8th Grade.  Pictured from left to right are Mr. Tony Khalife, principal, Isabel Sikora, Maria Mattei, and Janaisa Carrasco.
Pictured are from left to right are Mr. Tony Khalife, principal, Sara Katsock, recipient and Mr. Paul Muczynsk, Rotary Representative. Roland Biscontini Award Winner Named at Solomon/ Plains Jr. high School

This award is given every year by the Plains Rotary Club and it is for outstanding service within the school and community. This year’s recipient has completed as much community and school service hours that CoVid 19 would allow. The student’s name will also be placed on a plaque that hangs in the community entrance of our school as well as given a monetary award by the Rotary. This year’s recipient is Sara Katsock. In the last two years, Sara has helped with the school’s canned food drive, tutored younger students, helped clean the church’s cemetery, volunteered at her local library, and volunteered at the food bank run by her church. Pictured are from left to right are Mr. Tony Khalife, principal, Sara Katsock, recipient and Mr. Paul Muczynsk, Rotary Representative.

some of the students, faculty and principal involved Solomon Plains Students and Faculty Plant a Community Garden

Each year, the Solomon Plains Complex puts together a community garden and last Thursday was no different on the junior high side.  With the help of students and teachers, Meredith Falchek and Melinda Heffron, the garden was successfully planted.  A special thank you to Mr. Khalife, our principal and Larry O’Malia’s Farm and Greenhouses in Plains, for supplying us with the great vegetables we were able to plant.  The garden is able to be accessed by the public during the summer months and people are encouraged to take advantage of the free produce.  Pictured from left to right are Mrs. Meredith Falchek, teacher, Julia Litwin and Lela Giardani, students, Mrs. Melinda Heffron, teacher and Mr. Tony Khalife, principal.  

TEACHERS AND DONORS Solomon Plains Junior High Continues Work in the Community
Faculty, staff and students from Solomon Plains Junior High School have continued their community outreach into May.  We, along with local businesses from the community have been providing  lunch for fifty Veterans since January.  This month, a special thank you to SFC John Rushkowski and the 300th Field Hospital Retired Army Reserve, Handles Ice Cream in Plains and Toronys Hot Dogs in Plains.  The retired Veterans from the 300th Field Hospital also donated pins for the men that have served.