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STEM NIGHT at Dodson @ Mackin Elementary School

Dodson Elementary at Mackin School recently held STEM Night and a Title I Parent & Family Engagement Event on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.  Students had the opportunity to engage in some fun math, science, technology, and reading activities.  Also, students had the opportunity to utilize Sphero Rovers while learning about coding, programing, and technology related to the STEM standards.  Parents were able to visit the Title I Parent Resource Center and review the Title I Parent Compact, Parent & Family Engagement Policy, Copyright Policy, Newsletters, and join the Parent Advisory Council. Students and Families were treated to pizza, refreshments, prizes, books, educational resources, and gift cards from several local restaurants.  This was one of the largest parent engagement events we have had to date and we are grateful so many families were able to join us. Thank you!

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