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Sept Acts of Kindness Students September Students-Acts of Kindness
Students from Solomon/Plains Elementary School were recently awarded certificates for displaying random “Acts of Kindness” during the month of September while at school.  Teachers nominated these students who demonstrated a kind act towards another student or faculty member. 
Students pictured are:
1st row: Anthony Clark, Brynn Sedon, Emily Rosiak, Amiya Perez and Fabian Bursey
2nd row: Evangeline Rossick, Brielle Erlacher, Hudson Sharpe and Morgan Brooks
Anti Bullying Parents Are Invited to Anti-Bullying Program on October 28th
When: October 28th from 6-7:15 PM
Where: Solomon-Plains Jr. High Cafeteria
What: Speaker, Keith Deltano, will address cyberbulling, physical bullying, racism, exculsion, verbal bullying, gossip, and the mean girl phenomenon.  Mr. Deltano's program goes beyond the bully/victim/bystander labels to get at the underlying causes of bullying.  
Students will hear his talk during the school day.  His school assembly is about acceptance, making new friends by reaching out, and encouraging the audience to stop judging one another by race, outward appearance, speech, or economic status.   
Doors Open at 5:45 PM 
Pizza and Drinks will be served.   
NASA Skype with NASA Computer Programmer
Mrs. Corcoran’s 5th and 6th grade classes had an opportunity to Skype with Dr. Gary Doran, a computer scientist, who works for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.  Dr. Doran spoke with the students about the projects he worked on like the Mars Rover.  He is currently working on computer programs for a manned mission to Mars. Dr. Doran explained how the computer programs he creates actually control and operate the Mars Rover from Earth.  The students had a chance to ask many questions about various topics including other space missions, crewed missions, rovers, planets, dwarf planets, the international space station science experiments, and even looking for aliens in space.  Thanks to Dr. Doran for this wonderful opportunity! 
Pharmacy Student Talks about Drug Safety Wilkes University Pharmacy Students Discuss Drug Safety
The fifth and sixth grade students of Solomon-Plains Elementary recently took part in a drug safety presentation and hands-on demonstration given by Wilkes University Pharmacy Students.  The students learned about the differences between over-the-counter and prescription medications and how to take both properly. In the photo, a Wilkes University Pharmacy student is showing the Solomon students how to most accurately measure liquid medication. 
Cyber bulling Cyberbully Presentation
Michelle Nutter from the Attorney General's Office came to Solomon-Plains Elementary to talk about Cyber Bullying to our 6th Grade students.  The program entailed two emotional videos about young students who bullied or were bullied and the consequences of their actions.  Michelle also talked about everyone's cyber foot print and how things the students post on-line could affect their future. 
Gold Bow Little Eric's Foundation
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and Little Eric's Foundation sold gold bows throughout the month. Gold is the color associated with childhood cancer. Little Eric’s Foundation was named after 14 year old Eric Speicher Jr. who passed away on December 23, 2013, from a rare type of brain tumor.  Eric is the son of Solomon-Elementary special education teacher, Jessica Speicher.  In 2014, Little Eric’s Foundation was created by his parents in his memory.  The mission of LEF is to raise awareness of childhood cancer, fund research and financially assist children in treatment for cancers. The Foundation financially helps local families who have a child going through cancer treatment.  The Foundation has donated nearly $200,000 to children’s cancer research and families in need.   
Captain Charlie Emergency Preparedness Emergency Preparedness
Plains Fire Captain Charles Krommes discussed how to be prepared for emergencies with Solomon’s third through sixth grade students.  Students learned what to do during actual emergency events. Some topics discussed were go-kits (for the person, family, and pets), fire safety during weather emergencies, evacuations, and in-house sheltering.  Warning signs for each event were given along with clarification as to what actions need to be put in place to prepare for each.  Thank you Captain Charlie!