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Duck Derby and Guest Read Alound with Hot Rod

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Spaghetti on a Hot Dog Bun

The Snowy Day

Wolfpack Live - Superkids' Cass and Ms. Serafini (Duck Derby Announement)

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Superkids Reading Program - New Grading Format

WBASD is proud to announce the implementation of our new K-2 reading program called Superkids.  In an effort to show you the skills necessary to become a successful reader, we have changed the format of our report card.  First and Second Grade report cards will be skill based for ELA.
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Ms. Margo Serafini - Director of Early Childhood Education

Mrs. Sandy Atherton - Title I Coordinator

Michael Caprari - Dodson
MaryJo Petlock - Flood
Kristen Laiuvara  - Heights
Mary Gallis - Kistler
Lorrie Gardner - Solomon El.
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