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G Suite by Google Cloud

Organize your assignments, events, and calendar electronically. 
A powerful Learning Management System where you can share files from your Google Drive, post links to websites, and create dynamic learning experiences. Create and organize assignments, provide feedback and easily communicate with students in your class. For information to get started, click here.  
A word processing or document creation tool which allows collaboration and saves automatically. You can see revision history and editors on docs. To hear about the features of this application, click here
Cloud-based file storage allowing users to collaborate with others and share files in real time. Using files in Drive makes them available anywhere on any device anytime you have an internet connection! Watch the demo video here. Install Drive File Stream to make your documents appear as a network location for easily access to save and update on your workstation or home computer.
Google Forms: A survey creation tool to collect and organize information. For more information use this guide from Eric Curts or this from Alice Keeler. Google forms now offers a quiz template option. For more information about Google Quizzes, click here. 
A presentation tool which allows collaboration and presentation based on an internet connection. (Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint)
Google Sheets: A spreadsheet tool which allows for collaboration that is similar to Microsoft Excel. Search for add ons and extensions to get more use out of this tool.