February 26, 2021
Starting on Monday, March 1st, option 1 elementary students will return to in-person instruction.
Secondary students in grades 7 through 12 will remain virtual with a tentative return date of March 8th. 

The District will continue following all recommendations from the PA Department of Education, and the Department of Health.  
    Please review COVID-19 prescreening form located on our District website daily prior to sending children to school.  
    Masks are required at all times except when eating lunch.
    Temperature checks will be completed daily.  
    Social distancing will be maintained.
Students will follow their regular schedules.  Additional information will be provided by building administration.

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Important Information

Please use CHROME as your browser for the best experience using the site. Errors occur using Internet Explorer. 
Mobile devices (iPads, Smart Phones) cannot generate reports.  
For assistance, email Leah Zigmund.

What is Performance Plus?

A tool that provides a single point of access for state and district assessment data.
  • Class information from Skyward (Class/Roster Only- No Grades)
  • Uploads of State Assessment Data from PDE
Assessment information:
  • State
    • PSSA 
    • Keystone
  • Local 
    • Quarterly
    • SLO (for Elementary)
    • General DIBELS Information 

Analyzing Reports

  • The goal of creating reports is not only to create a report. 
  • What conclusions can be drawn by looking at the data? 
    • Is it a problem for a specific student?
    • Is it an area of curriculum that needs to be addressed?
    • Is it the phrasing of the question students need practice with?
    • Is it something I need to change in my teaching?