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Administration & Offices

To contact specific personnel, please call 570-826-7111 and enter the appropriate extension.
Main Office:  Extensions 8101, 8105

Direct Office Line:  (570) 826-7145

Administration & Office Personnel
Robert Watkins, 12th Grade Principal, x 8239
Michael Grebeck, 11th Grade Principal, x 8103
Colleen Robatin, 10th Grade Principal, x 8106 
Christopher Anthony, 9th Grade Principal, x8104
Hal Gabriel, Cyber School Administrator, x 2110

Sandy Elmy, School Secretary, x 8101 
Cheryl Covert, School Secretary, x 8105

Guidance Office
Diane McFarlane, 12th Grade Guidance Counselor, x 8160
Kimberly Jones, 11th Grade Guidance Counselor, x 8163
Bryan Smith, 9th and 10th Grade Guidance Counselor, x 8162
Jill Saporito, Special Programs Counselor, x 8161
Kris Bergold, Guidance Secretary, x 8110 
Jayne Nargoski, Guidance Secretary, x 8111 

Health/Nurse's Office
Maura Mattick, School Nurse, x 8151
Sara Woznack, School Nurse, x 8150
Judy Hislop, Aide x 8321

Wayne Waslasky, 12th Grade Home and School Visitor
Simon Peter, 10th and 11th Grade Home and School Visitor
Brian Leighton, 9th Grade Home and School Visitor

Brett Smith - Supervisor, School Resource Officer, x 8211
Carol Davenport, School Resource Officer
Michelle Moore, School Resource Officer