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Clubs & Organizations

Clubs for the 2022-2023 School Year

Coach: Mrs. Joyce
We will read books and talk about them. We will have snacks and fun themes, too!
Meetings: Tuesday
Maximum Students: 30

Computer Science / Coding
Coach: Ms. Kramer
We are going to create code that allows our Robot to move. When we achieve success at coding it, we will create obstacles and races for us to achieve. It will take teamwork, coding skills, problem solving, and good communication with others. We will use an iPad or iPod with coding robots.
Meetings: Thursday
Maximum: 10 students

Paper Football
Coach: Ms. Kramer
There will be practice days, design your own paper football and field day, with regular season games that will score your team into playoff spots for rewards. There will be a Superbowl as our finale. Be ready to play, compete, and work together. All students are encouraged to join, try out your skills. Each week you will have students to play against. Have your friends sign up.
Meeting: Tuesdays
Maximum Number: Unlimited

Coach: Nichole Gordon
Students who are interested in joining should have an interest in learning about goal-setting, organization, improving time management skills, and decorative stickering. Last year’s members are encouraged to return!
Meetings: Thursdays
Maximum students: 15

Coaches: Mrs. Hillard
Want to learn dance, perform dance or have some experience already? Join the GAR dance club to learn hip-hop, modern, ballet, tap, and jazz. Classes will be taught by professionally trained dancers and professionally trained dance instructors!
Meetings: Thursdays
Maximum students: 20


Coach: Ms. Mascioli
Art club if you have a serious interest in drawing, painting and creating art. Art Club meets after school on Tuesdays each week with other motivated art students and provides an opportunity to explore different mediums in depth. This club is open to students who are interested in making a commitment to attending our weekly meetings. We will be working on large group projects as well as individual projects. Art Club is a fun time while learning exciting new ideas and designs in art.
Meetings: Tuesday
Maximum students: 15

Coach: Mr. Mercadante
All players welcome from brand new never having played before all the way up to expert! Come learn the game or improve your game and have some fun! 
Meetings: Tuesday & Thursdays
Maximum Students: 15

Coach: Mrs. Sweeney
Cheerleading club will be mostly for students who are interested in cheerleading so they can learn the basics. We'll learn stretching, motions, cheers and dances. If students are experienced cheerleaders and would like to help teach others, that would be great as well.
Meetings: Thursdays
Maximum Students: 15

Coach: Mrs. Kirkutis
The Fitness Club will entail learning how to exercise properly and to take care of our bodies through good habits and nutrition. Activities will be integrated outside on the turf when weather permits and inside the gymnasium and fitness center when we are unable to be outside. Students who wish to learn to workout and improve their overall fitness level are encouraged to participate. The Fitness Center is no place to fool around, thus a preemptive warning must be given of the serious nature of the Fitness Center Environment. Rough play or fooling around will not be tolerated and result in your removal from the Fitness Club. Let's all improve our fitness levels and work together to encourage and support each other on our fitness journey together.
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday
Maximum: 20

Coach: Ms. Burke
Learn to play or sharpen your skills. Start the path to High School Orchestra!
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday
Maximum Students: 20

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