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School Health Services

The goal of Wilkes-Barre Area School District (WBASD) Health Program is to protect, maintain and promote optimal health for the school-aged child. The District's School Health Services work collaboratively with other school professionals and agencies to meet all standards and health goals set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The District staffs each school with a full-time nurse who is available for any urgent health care issues. However, School Health Services is not a comprehensive medical service. The school nurse does not take the place of a medical doctor and is not a substitute for emergency services. The District's School Health Program is intended to assist the child in working towards his/her maximum health potential.

Illnesses or injury that occur during the school day must be reported to the student's teacher or the nurse. Treatment for any onogoing medical conditions is the responsibility of the student's parent/guardian and medical doctor. Students will be encouraged to remain in school when possible to insure continuity in the educational process. Parents/Guardians will not be routinely notified of a student's visits to the nurse's office for minor issues. The Wilkes-Barre Area School District nurses follow a set of standing orders authorized by the District's Medical Director. These standing orders are found here.

Nursing and Health Contacts

To contact department personnel, please call 570-826-7111 and enter the appropriate extension. 



Dodson at Mackin Nurses' Office (Ext. 2341) 
Karen Kwak
Flood Nurses' Office (Ext. 4112) 
Lisa Majikes
Heights Nurses' Office (Ext. 6115)  
Tracy Glynn-Roulinavage 
Kistler Nurses' Office (Ext. 7118) 
Michelle Gorey 
Solomon Elem. Nurses' Office ( Ext. 3311)
Heather Vinciarelli 
Solomon Middle Nurses' Office (Ext. 3312) 
Melissa Brady Hummel
GAR Middle Nurses' Office (Ext. 5109) Michelle Binker 
WBAHS Nurses' Office (Ext. 8150) 
Sara Woznock
WBAHS Nurses' Office (Ext. 8151) Maura Mattick 
Non-Public SchoolsDeb Walsh 
Dental Hygienist (Ext. 2111)Judy Hislop